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New sense
of space

Acoustic systems by BER

Over the years, we have mastered a lot of acoustic challenges, BER acoustic systems can be found in a wide variety and in spaces such as conference rooms, classrooms, gym halls, libraries and auditoriums. With our acoustic systems the room acoustics are controllable.


Room acoustics are always a challenge, because of the fact that numerous aspects must be considered, which use you have to have in mind for particular spaces:

  • For instance, a library has to absorb the noise in general in order to ensure silence for all visitors.
  • Another example: In a conference room all participants have to be understandable throughout the whole room.


Even though the functionality is most important, we also try to always emphasize the aesthetic appeal.
To keep the visual and audible unity, we present a numerous amount of design options.
You are able to choose from a variety of different colors and designs.


BER Acoustic Panels – guaranteed quality

Whether fire protection, mechanical strength or acoustic properties, BER guarantees the quality and safety of all our products,
tested and certified by independent testing institutes.


A traditional family enterprise since 1975

As a traditional family enterprise we seek, cooperation with architects, interior designers, building authorities and more.
Successful with quality – our motto for over 40 years!

Visit our Website to gain an impression of our realized projects, of which we are proud. Proud, because well-known architects and designers created these solutions and realized their ideas with our products.
You can also let us know, which of your projects should be shown in our gallery.
Just let us know!


The following services can be requested on our Website:

  • Technical Department at the head office
  • Consult the field staff
  • Detailed product catalogues with acoustic values of acoustic engineers, architects and manufacturing industries
  • Samples of all acoustic panels & Material Extracts
  • Project-related cost estimates
  • Creation of project-related tender texts
  • design and installation plans
  • Questions about shipping in and out of the EU

And of course we answer all your questions on BER products & services – comprehensive service is an essential component of our Company.

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